5 Questions to Ask When Selecting a Wedding Venue

Planning a wedding is tough! Few people are prepared for the ins-and-outs of the process until they are already in the thick of it and under various deadlines for catering, securing a venue and picking your decorations.. That’s why it’s important to plan ahead, stay organized and work with professionals who know how to plan an event. 

Five Things to Consider When Selecting a Venue:

  1. When you look at pricing, make sure you consider the cost of everything included in a package. Piecing together linens, décor and staffing piece by piece adds up quickly, plus you need to consider all the additional costs beyond just the menu pricing. Your time is valuable so don’t forget to consider that in your decision.
  2. Can the venue be personalized for your wedding? It’s important to choose a venue that looks the part and enables you to create your own look without having to work around existing décor that might not match your wedding style. 
  3. Is the facility flexible to execute your ideas? Every bride wants to add personal touches to their ceremony, but did you know this can also extend to your menu? Incorporate a menu item from a favorite restaurant or serve a favorite cocktail. Don’t sign a contract until you have asked about the versatility of the venue.
  4. Not every bride has or needs a full-scale wedding planner, but some venues offer a coordinator in their package. Event professionals provide expertise and assistance, not only with advance planning but during the event. Check with your venue to see what services they offer as part of your wedding package and what the cost might be for additional services you want.
  5. What type of photo opportunities does your venue offer? You want a location that provides a great backdrop with a lot of options for your valuable wedding memories. Location is important! For example, if you want a more urban backdrop don’t pick a park to host your special day.

To plan the perfect wedding, it’s important to work with event professionals who know how to make both large and small events run smoothly. The Kentucky International Convention Center team has planned everything from small gatherings to international trade shows, so we know what it takes to create the perfect day. We offer numerous affordable packages with no hidden costs. For more information, visit https://kyconvention.com/plan/weddings-at-kicc.